Monthly Archive: June 2018


Caffeine can only get you so far.

Caffeine will only get you so far.  To get the rest of the way I found that if you make the work easier you can get more of it done. One of my favorite...



I just signed up for it seems like a very straightforward and well put together website.  I can already see how it can get aggravating quickly on some of the offers they have. ... Branco 0

What my schedule looks like

People say: There is no rest for the weary I sure feel weary most days.  Here is a general rundown of what a typical day looks like for me. 7:30 – Wake up /...


Where to start but at the beginning….

Where to start, but the beginning. Well, not the very beginning, just the beginning of this story. Like most people out there, my family has found it hard to make ends meet.  It seems...